5 cracking benefits of a simplified travel program

Learn how the world’s leading companies like Microsoft, Nike and Pfizer are reaping the benefits of simplified processes by implementing a travel platform like roadmap.


Reduce Clicks

Time is money and every click counts.

If you can reduce the number of clicks it takes to finda reservation and check in from say 10 steps to just one, saving potentially X minutes in every trip, then this could lead to xx hours saved each year.


Reduce Complexity

Take back control

Unlike some off-the-shelf solutions, many of which are still revenue driven, Roadmap helps corporates to streamline the traveler journey by curating exactly the information they need. By creating simple checklists and preventing third-party suppliers pushing their own agenda to, for example, sell a seat or flight class upgrade, travel managers can eliminate complexity. Crucially, it also helps to simplify post-trip expensing.


Share insights

Peer-to-Peer Learning

While apps like Google Maps or Bing can mechanistically get you from A-B, the Roadmap platform enables employees to share valuable insights which may not only simplify and reduce stress but also save money. For example, using public transport in a city may be a faster and cheaper trip into the centre of town than taking an Uber.


Minimize confusion

Help travelers make the right choice

Often complicated compliance policies can cause a major headache. By embedding what travelers can and can’t do on trip within the app in a simple and intuitive way, corporates can help travelers make the right choice and minimise confusion when it comes to expensing later on.


Utilize Data

Access to key insights

Roadmap allows corporate travel programs to track and collect data from all chosen suppliers. With data now pulled into one central point, corporate travel programs have that all-important single customer view, enabling the delivery of a personalised, slick and streamlined service. Simplicity at the its best!

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