The fifteen-year-old CEO of Roadmap

We can learn a lot from children. In this spirit, we decided to take it up a notch – a sure-fire way to have a little fun, Roadmap-style. Read More

Travel Program Value = (Savings + Safety + Productivity) * Satisfaction

Our goals at Roadmap? Put travel management on the map and make the travel manager’s job fun again! Read More

Does your company fit the Roadmap picture?

Roadmap wants to help travelers have a better travel experience. All travelers? No, we can't save everybody. How about you? Read More

Is the traveler's well-being on the table?

What can you do to help your travelers be more energized, healthy, and handsome? You start by relieving their stress level. How? Read More

Dance with us at GBTA 2018

This will be our 4th attendance in a row at the GBTA global Conference and every year we love this venue. Why? Because the whole industry is there, and we consider you all as our new friends... and because we are allowed to wear funny suits. Read More

Business travel will cost you your job, health, and marriage

The other day, I read a very interesting but worrying story in the New York Times. It said that business travel is bad for you. It's bad for your health and your home situation, and it can even cost you your job. Wait, what…? Yes, that is what it said. So one day you are traveling for work, and the next, you end up in the hospital as a jobless bachelor. Read More

Roadmap's first capital injection: accelerating the seamless travel experience

A few weeks ago, we got the first external capital injection into our company. A serious, substantial, and sound series A-round of 4.6 million dollars that helps us grow our product, marketing, and sales. Read More

Roadmap raises 4 mio to disrupt enterprise travel

Roadmap, the all-in-one mobile travel platform for large enterprises, has raised a Series A round of 4 million Euro. The round was led by Newion Investments and the Roadmap founders. Newion Investments focuses on B2B enterprise software companies with a global reach in early stage and is well known for its successful investment in Colibra and other leading B2B companies in its previous funds. Read More

Team travel experience: how Roadmap was born

Roadmap is a ‘for-travelers-by-travelers’ app. Why do we go out of our way to improve the business travel experience? Read it in our blog! Read More

Why culture is key

How do we keep people motivated? How do we run a tech company employing young people who don't give a crap about money anymore? Read More

This is how you become the best travel manager in the world

I had an interesting conversation with a travel manager this week. His observation was that today's traveler journey is crappy and the user experience is so frustrating it often makes business travelers break out in tears. And that he - the one offering them the tissues- is the target of all the complains. Read More

"If you are wearing a Roadmap shirt beers are half a price"

Being a proper startup, the Roadmap team flushes a busy day away with beer. As founding fathers we did soms parental research and put our effort in making a special key-client deal with the bar next to our office. If you are wearing a Roadmap shirt beers are half price. Read More

Roadmap is the real thing

Want your travelers to get all the benefits offered by consumer apps from the most trusted sources around - you and their fellow travelers? Read on! Read More

Wow... Roadmap is a customer story now!

Microsoft has teamed up with Roadmap to give back 2 hours per trip to its travelers. What does everyone gain from this, and what does our partnership look like? Read More

Goodbye, year of fear (may the Force be with you in 2018)!

Our mission: create a much better travel experience for business travelers. We aim high and have taken up the challenge. But are we truly up to it? Read More

What on earth are we doing?

What is this ?Roadmap thing? exactly? And what on earth are you people doing? We?ll tell you all about our WHAT and HOW! Read More

Want to get in control? Let go of control!

How about getting rid of long and boring travel policies? Let employees make their own choices to really get in control! Read More

Want flowers? Roadmap will get you some!

Roadmap will attend this year?s GBTA global conference again. Stop by at our booth for flowers and a listening ear! Read More

Travel management is all about human capital

This week, I visited my favorite restaurant in Amsterdam once again. Their menu is so great that I can't stop fantasizing about the delicious flavors when I haven't tasted them for a while. But this particular evening differed from all my previous visits. Everything went terribly wrong. The place was a mess. Read More

Destination: innovation

I love Tesla. It allows us to get from A to B in a faster, cheaper, safer, and more productive way without hurting our beloved planet Earth. We can do this thanks to technology. And people like Elon Musk. And people who buy this promise. They?re all interdependent. Read More

Spreading Traveler Happiness actually just comes down to common sense

Travel procurement is full of challenges. How can I save money, where on earth are my people and how can I help them stay out of trouble? You want your travelers to be extremely happy, extremely loyal and - hell yes - extremely productive too. It feels just like running a family! You care about them and you want them to take care of things? Read More

A better travel experience is key

Roadmap was born almost 2 years ago now. We nourished it, cuddled it, kept it close to us day and night, so it could grow up strong and stubborn. We dare to say, we are a little proud of what we have accomplished with Roadmap in such little time. Read More

Your thoughtfulness makes others happy

When my seven-year-old son asks me what Roadmap has to offer to the world, I explain that we basically try to act like a friend who helps moms and dads travel the world safely and return home well-rested and on time, so they can spend more time with their families. Read More

Purpose over profit

Don't rush your travelers into booking; it doesn't make sense. It is all about creating adaptation and engagement at the start! Read More

The School of Life

Want to bring your full self to the company? The more natural (or, weirder) you act, the better you make others feel about their own madness! Read More

Roadmap travel expert event at the Rijksmuseum!

Last week we had a great event with some of the travel experts from all over the world at the Rijksmuseum. We enjoyed it! For the ones who missed out on it, here are some impressions of the day. Read More

Forget the coffee travel manager, what you need is fairy dust

A company I know just installed a brand new coffee machine. It delivers the finest Italian espresso for their employees, and the latte isn?t too bad either. Read More

Work less, create more

Can you imagine being happier when cut off from your online oxygen? At Roadmap, we can. Even more so, we lead the way to digital detoxing. Read More

We need more women in the company

What if we would share all responsibilities and work more as a family? To start with this, we would need more women in the company first. Read More

Influence over control: make travelers adhere to your program!

Are you struggling to get your business travelers to comply with your program? Are your road warriors know-it-alls who think that their way is the only way? Read More

Positive leadership works!

I just got back from the best holiday ever. And it's because a week into it, I learned an important lesson from my three children (7, 5, and 2 years old): they are at their happiest when they get dedicated attention and are approached in a positive way. Looking at your cell phone two hundred times a day and giving an annoyed response when they ask something obvious usually results in an opposite situation: a warzone. After about seven days, I realized that I simply can't do multiple things simultaneously. So I got rid of multitasking, devoted my time to the little ones, and really dove into their world. The result was amazing: our family had the best holiday ever, and I even got to work out and enjoy some much-needed 'me time.'

Read More

Running maintenance on Azure SQL databases

To keep your data healthy and topfit, we all know you need to run something called database maintenance on your databases. This prevents things like performance problems or unrecoverable data from happening, and that is sort of the core business of DBA?s. And when we look at how this can be performed on a regular basis, an on-premise instance is a bit easier to maintain than an Azure SQL database. That?s why I want to share our experience with you on that, hoping that it can save you some time when you start implementing this.

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Why influence will always trump control in travel management

Time and time again I experience how travel managers, despite spade loads of time and effort, are struggling to get their business travelers to comply with a program. The problem, they tell me, is that most travelers think they know better. With all information literally at their fingertips, business travelers think they can find a better deal and a better experience to boot.

Read More

How to create a budget for traveler happiness

A happy traveler can boost sales. As a travel manager, you know that. But how do you convince boardroom naysayers that this is true? Now, don't just head into battle on behalf of your road warriors. There?s a better way to solve this issue. Let?s talk tactics for a minute. Here's what you need to know! Read More

"Mastering the art:" how to achieve traveler and travel manager happiness

Happiness: everyone is striving for it, both at a personal and a professional level. More often than not, these two are intertwined. A big part of achieving your goals is making others as happy as you?re making yourself. Let us explain how you can consciously master the art of happiness in three steps. They?ll bring you much closer to your overarching objective: becoming the best travel manager in the world! Read More

Spring cleaning time: how to achieve your core objectives!

Feel like you’re wasting a lot of time doing tedious chores? It’s true that stress and time-pressure dominate the lives of most working professionals, and your schedule should probably be trimmed down a bit. Well, now’s the best time to tackle that task. Spring is in full swing, so dust off the broom and start sweeping out the clutter. Are you ready for some fresh thinking?

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How to become the best travel manager in the world?

I get that you have a demanding job. After all, it is your responsibility to meet the demands of both the financial department and your travelling colleagues. I bet this juggle gets frustrating at least 50 times a day. Am I right?

Read More

Yes, Travel Manager, it's time for a spring cleaning!

We are often told how stressed and time-pressed the modern world makes workers feel. So, whether it’s reality or a problem of perception, nobody wants to feel like they are wasting valuable time doing tedious chores.

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Application Authentication via https using NTLM

We at Roadmap take security very seriously. Everything we do and everything we touch or make, we think about security as it is part of how we work. In fact: it is in our DNA.

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The art of traveler and travel manager happiness

I hope you’ve been able to beat the January blues now that the first month of 2016 is already behind us. What has helped me get off to a flying start – a bit of a challenge in these dark and cold northern climes – is the conscious decision to consciously master the art of happiness. And a big part of that is making others happy.

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SSRS Reporting automation with .NET

SQL Server Reporting Services (or SSRS for short) is a great way to create an overview or analysis of your data, that you can share with other people as a report. But what if you have a report that you need to share with a large group of people, but they need it with 50 different parameters (like CustomerID for example), and they want to receive it in Excel or PDF? Are you manually going to execute the report with 50 different parameters, export them to the specific file format, and email those files? I don’t think so. Automating this process is easy if you write a small tool for this, and if you use the “Report Server Web Service URL”.

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Why corporates should buy our app

The other day, while I was at home brushing my teeth, and therefore having a moment to myself, I was thinking about my MP3 player (without going into details of the brand). Actually, I, out of nowhere, remembered my MP3 player. As in “oh yeah, I also still have this MP3 player.” Haven’t been using it for ages while I was so happy when I bought it. Why is that? What made this change? And how did my life look like before the MP3 player came into my life?

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Which road will lead us to Rome?

We at Roadmap like to keep moving forward. With a new year ahead of us, we took the opportunity to spent some time thinking and talking about what we need to do in 2016 to keep moving forward. We translated the outcome into challenges.

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Feedback is a gift

We as Roadmap find it important that we bring our product, our company and ourselves forward. Every day. Everything that contributes to this is welcomed by us with open arms. And next to that, we are fond of new experiences and adventures!

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The world is changing. Sometimes you have to kill a rule.

The people who are working at roadmap are, like in any other company, responsible (young) men and (young) woman. Grown ups. The people who work at roadmap work there because they like to work there. They work at roadmap because they want to bring the company, the product and themselves forward. They do that the roadmap-way. By treating each other as equal. By treating each other with respect.

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Dear travel manager, use your gold nuggets wisely

Since I’ve been a bit preoccupied with data and how to bring out it’s potential, as you may have noticed from my October blog, it got me thinking about mining. This sent my train of thought on an interesting – perhaps a little off-the-wall – journey.

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Happy teamwork

Working together is communicating with each other. And that can be pretty difficult. Understanding what the other one is saying.

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Should travel managers be ‘spooked’ by the new data gatekeepers?

Now that the circus of the conference circuit is over, my brain is back in overdrive. Even with the distraction of Halloween merchandising coupled my own short attention spans, I find myself intensely focused. My focus dear readers: how the new and not-so-new giants of the information world are impacting business travel.

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Sheep, wolves and rabbits in the headlights

Phew! It’s been a whirlwind the past few weeks competing, speaking and networking on the conference circuit. The circus, that moved from BTN Innovate to The Beat Live in the US, a CAPA Summit in Helsinki and culminated in Paris at ACTE Global, has been a pretty revealing show for me. What I’ve come to understand, is that how the travel industry views the ‘meaning of innovation’ depends very much on their vantage point.

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The tide is turning in a brave new world of managed travel

‘Sexy’ is perhaps not a word one would ordinarily attach to a business travel app. But I’m delighted to report that the work our team has put into our Roadmap app had the proverbial red lights flashing last week at the Business Travel News Innovate conference in New York. We brought a flavor of Amsterdam to the Big Apple!

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7 Boardroom tactics to get travelers smiling and spreadsheets singing

Happy September!

And, yes, despite the budgetary constraints I’ve been hearing about on my recent trips, I believe it can be a happy month for travel managers and travelers.

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Break out of your silo travel manager!

At the recent GBTA convention in Orlando, I met some early adopters who are smashing the procurement silo in order to create value for their travelers. They have every reason to do so!

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Going forward, expect more thought provoking (well hopefully) – at times blunt – musings on the opportunities for business travel. But in the meantime here is my very first post. Feedback will always be welcome!

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