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The world is changing. Sometimes you have to kill a rule.


The people who are working at roadmap are, like in any other company, responsible (young) men and (young) woman. Grown ups. The people who work at roadmap work there because they like to work there. They work at roadmap because they want to bring the company, the product and themselves forward. They do that the roadmap-way. By treating each other as equal. By treating each other with respect.

"No one is 'the boss.'"

At roadmap, no one is 'the boss'. All people working at roadmap are entrepreneurs working for the same company. With each other, they set clear goals based on the company's mission, vision and strategy. Consequently everybody knows what needs to be done. And being all professionals, everybody also knows how things need to be done. There's no 'boss' needed to tell them how to do our work. In case someone is a bit lost in the how, we help each other getting the shit done. Because every day we do our best to get the best out of ourselves and out of each other.

"If we screw up, we hug."

To get shit done, flexibility is required. Sometimes shit has to be done on a (lazy) Sunday afternoon. And somedays shit can be done during the working week from 10 to 3. People working at roadmap are able to adapt this flexibility. And are able to take their responsibility. To be there when it's needed and take a break when it's needed. Needed for their own well being. As an adult, you are able to make these choices yourself.

But every person and every team has his pitfalls, therefor we guide each other with making (the right) choices. And if we screw up, we hug. And we learn from our mistakes.

Working together this way, which is based on trust, doesn't require a lot of rules and regulations. Therefore more and more we let go of our 'old school' rules and regulations. The first one we got rid of was the yearly reviews. The second one we recently decided to kill, is our leave regulation.

"To bring our company, our product, our team and ourselves forward." When we need a break, or when we are planning to go on vacation, we discuss this with our team members or stakeholders to see if it fits. And then we decide for ourselves when to take this break. Without asking permission from 'a boss'. We all have a different amount of energy, a different stress level and a different recovery time after a stressful period. This might also change per person per year, per month, per week or even per day. We want to respect these differences by killing rules about imposing minimum or maximum amounts of holidays per year. Let everybody decide for them selves what is best for them, the product and the company.

We took this decision as a team and as a team we commited us to this decision. We agreed on taking care of ourselves and of each other by helping each other taking the right decisions. Decisions which will bring the company, our product, our team and ourselves forward.

And if it doesn't work, we always can decide to kill this whole idea and try something else. As long as it brings our company, our product, our team and ourselves forward.

I wish everybody all the best and a lot of hugs for 2016!