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Feedback is a gift


We as Roadmap find it important that we bring our product, our company and ourselves forward. Every day. Everything that contributes to this is welcomed by us with open arms. And next to that, we are fond of new experiences and adventures!

Being very keen on the quality of our product

So I don’t think I need to explain that we didn’t have to doubt a second when we were invited to deliver our product as a Subject Under Test (SUT) for the European Cup in Potsdam, Germany. In other words, competing European teams wanted to use our product as their competition tool! This gave us the opportunity to let our product thoroughly tested by professional testers, an opportunity we didn't want to and also not couldn’t resist!

The European Cup is part of the Software Testing World Cup. The Software Testing World Cup is a tournament for all testing practitioners around the globe to show off their skills and compete with other international testing professionals. During the Software Testing World Cup, teams of maximum four people compete remotely to become the best of their continent. The winners of each continent will be invited to attend the Agile Testing Days conference in Potsdam, Germany, where the European Cup takes place. During the European Cup the best teams of the continents compete to become the best Software Testing team of the world.

Why support this competition? Because it brings the testing craft into the spotlight and gives the profession a competitive event on a global scale. Next to that it’s a unique opportunity for companies to let their product be tested by a large amount of professional software testers.

Bring the testing craft into the spotlight

This year the European Cup took place November 9th in Potsdam. Being a former tester herself and very keen on the quality of our product, no one could represent Roadmap during this event better than our colleague Tamara de Paus. So after some preparations which needed to be done to make our app ready for this event, Tamara was ready to travel off to Potsdam to guide all stakeholders over there.

Feedback is a gift

Twelve European judges and two global judges would determine the European winner, based on the reported bugs and on the quality of the delivered test report. After the last steps were prepared, the European Cup was ready to ‘take off’. Starting with a presentation about Roadmap and our app, given by Tamara, the contest began. Five teams were competing on-site and 75 teams were competing remote, resulting in a total of more than 300 testers. The contest took place between 15.00 to 18.00. While the competition was ongoing, the 4 on-site judges and Tamara were answering questions from the testers on the product. All comments were being collected and processed in a full test report.

As we say at Roadmap, feedback is a gift. Therefore we are very grateful with all the feedback we received. We are still busy processing all feedback turning them into bugs in order to decide which bugs need to be fixed when in order to move our product, our company and ourselves forward.

The whole world cup was broadcasted live on YouTube. Please feel free to watch it: here. If you want to know more about the Software Testing World Cup, please visit their website. If you want to know more about Roadmap, please visit our website: www.getroadmap.com. Or visit our beautiful headquarters in Delft. We are always happy to show you around!