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Why culture is key


When we founded Roadmap, we were dreamers. We were not the best traveler app in the world (yet!). We did not have a lot of customers (yet!), and when we went to the GBTA in Orlando dressed in our awesome Roadmap shirts, we realized that nobody was expecting us. We had spent all our money on a booth that looked like crap. There we stood, staring at a 10,000-people party, feeling miserable. Until a lady, Pam, asked us to dance. It was a turning point: we went from dreamers to dancers. A few months later, we won the BTN Innovate Awards (both jury and audience votes), and we were part of the so-called industry. We had stepped on the stage!

From company manifesto to fully-fledged culture

We started Roadmap dreaming our company manifesto outloud. Want to read it? You can find it here

Now, 3 years later, people have asked us about the Roadmap culture. How do we keep people motivated and how do we run a tech company employing young people who don?t give a crap about money anymore? The answer is simple: we dance with them. Our culture is based on one motto: ‘From dreaming to dancing.’ And culture is key. We learned this from the best: Tony Hsieh, founder of Zappos.

Hsieh says, "Chase the vision, not the money."

If you create a culture where people love coming to work and are moving in the same direction, you will land where you set your heights.

Recently, we invited TEDx speaker Gabriella to dance with us. She shared her story in our office, which was fully packed with Roadmappers, family, friends, and students (and beer). We had a dream evening, and we woke up dancing again. Thank you, Gabriella. You are great!

Want to draw inspiration from Gabriella’s story? Click here! We highly recommend it!