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Team travel experience: how Roadmap was born


Roadmap is a ‘for-travelers-by-travelers’ app. Being travelers ourselves, we go out of our way to improve the business travel experience. Big time. Because traveling should be inspiring, fun, and seamless – yes, seamless. We’ll go as far to say that your trip should be organized better than your office environment. Why? Because when you are lost, jetlagged, and waiting for a Chinese taxi driver, you are not capable of bringing your ‘A’ game. It’s simple as that.

My uncle Otto

In one of my previous blogs, I introduced you to my awesome uncle Otto: a 20th-century business man and lifetime platinum member who is very close to Paris Hilton’s dad because of Otto’s many stays in his hotels (he was there more often than he was at home). In our eyes, he was a rock star – mainly because of the presents he brought us from faraway places such as Singapore and Taiwan. Not the best quality of LaCoste shirts, but the alligators were great lookalikes. That is, until they entered our washing machine... Lots of things have changed since that time. For one thing, the quality of fakeness has improved (as has the laundry industry). Oppositely, however, the quality and awesomeness of business travel have dropped to the lowest of all levels.

Business travel is growing

As the market of business travel is growing, the experience is shrinking. That is why we thought it was about time for a major change. The above story is a summarized version of the start of Roadmap. It is our mission to bring back the traditionally beautiful business traveler experience and help massive travel programs save a buck in the process. The big question is: How are we pulling that off?

Seamless travel experience

Roadmap is here to make the entire travel experience seamless again! (Obviously, it is great already – thank you, Mister T.) And by seamless, we mean predictable, smooth, easy, and fun. No more sleazy hotels, crappy coffee shops, and trouble (= jail). We are keeping you safe. So next time you take a trip to the NY office (your 13th so far), dreading another stay in hotel jadijadijadija (a Seinfeld classic), you can expect your booking tool to come up with 1 suggestion instead of 22,000. Next time you put a Kuala Lumpur meeting on your calendar, you’ll be notified of the best time to book this trip. And next time you are planning your meeting in the southern part of Amsterdam, you’ll see the CitizenM Hotel pop up as a suggestion because of its fantastic coffee, fast internet, and location next to your scheduled appointment. Moreover, you’ll receive a recommendation to avoid hopping on a taxi once you arrive at the airport, because a train ride to CitizenM is 10 times cheaper and 3 times faster. There you go: you’ve just saved another 30 bucks on your trip!

Team travel experience

Perhaps you think this application for all-round awesomeness took us at least a decade to build. Well, it didn’t. We have found the perfect way to quickly build the best travel experience for our customers: a relatively small sweatshop – I mean, team. Everybody at Roadmap travels for business. Not only our sales team – each and every one of us travels: from developers and designers jadijadijadija.

This is how it came about…

Imagine this. A co-worker books you a horrible business trip: transfers, economy class, buses, subway systems, lousy hotels, cough-u coffee – the whole shebang. When you get back, you present your findings to the team (along with a snow globe for the company collection). Then, you do the same for the next co-worker, just to spread the suffering. The result: a team of frustrated travelers who are determined to change the system. A madly driven organization on a mission to create worldwide traveler happiness. You see the picture? That’s how Roadmap was born. And now, we are Roadmap: the all-in-one travel app.