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Roadmap's first capital injection: accelerating the seamless travel experience


A few weeks ago, we got the first external capital injection into our company. A serious, substantial, and sound series A-round of 4.6 million dollars that helps us grow our product, marketing, and sales. 

When we started Roadmap, we wanted to build a company with an infinite view into the future. We set out to create a better travel experience for business travelers and become the travel industry’s market leader. Our egos are not necessarily big, but people can dream – as we did about seeing our company name above the entrance of our soon-to-be-opened head office in New York. That office, you should know, is near Central Park, so I can run my favorite route in the world every day. But reality is tough, and so we worked like monks in a Delft basement for three years...

The reason why we waited so long before getting outside capital is that money covers a lot of problems. When companies have it and they can’t get their team to speed up, or they want to reduce implementation times, most of them simply hire more people. We took the difficult route: we tried to come up with a sustainable and more creative solution. We were very happy that our customers were willing to share in the pain, as failures were involved in the process as well. But the result of that pain is that we are now ready for growth, and we know how and in which directions to scale. We have learned from our mistakes, and they have made us stronger.

The funding enables us to work towards a seamless travel experience for business travelers even faster. Please find part of our press release below.

Creating a seamless travel experience

Roadmap brings all the corporate travel suppliers into one intelligent, intuitive, and personal interface, allowing large enterprises to better manage their travel programs and increase traveler engagement at the same time.

The Roadmap platform is connected to the largest global travel agencies and suppliers. The corporate branded travel companion guides employees during their trips by combining real-time travel information with corporate content and peer reviews.

Travelers get all the information they’re used to seeing in consumer apps, augmented with the knowledge of their colleagues and the corporate travel team. Using the intelligence, customized content, and superb user experience, Roadmap is able to drive savings and safety for the corporate and increase productivity and satisfaction among the travelers.

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