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Business travel will cost you your job, health, and marriage


The other day, I read a very interesting but worrying story in the New York Times. It said that business travel is bad for you. It's bad for your health and your home situation, and it can even cost you your job. Wait, what…? Yes, that is what it said. So one day you are traveling for work, and the next, you end up in the hospital as a jobless bachelor.

What Dr. Cetron says

According to this article [https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/27/business/business-travel-health-problems.html], business travel has changed a lot in the past few decades. Here is a quote from Dr. Cetron: “The image of the jet-setter who flies around making million-dollar deals no longer reflects the experience of most business travelers. The reality is that the full spectrum of the work force now travels. Not just CEOs, but the more modest businessperson — think of junior employees at multinational companies, or aid workers who are called to respond to international crises. Some of these people have to travel on really shoestring budgets.” For them, flying business class or staying at fancy hotels is not an option.

70% of your travelers are at risk

I don't want to throw you into a depression. You already have enough problems. But business travel can cause insomnia, diabetes, obesity, and mental problems that could affect your home situation as well as your job security! Here is why: 70% of business travelers eat unhealthy food (in restaurants, hotels, and fast-food chains, the food is always less healthy than at home), don't exercise enough, drink too much alcohol, and are stressed while traveling. This is helping nobody – neither the traveler, nor their family, nor the company!

C-level, please go on a low-budget trip

In a previous blog, I shared that my uncle Otto was a traveling rock star in his day. I believe that his traveling style is similar to that of today’s C-level people. My tip for them: please go on a trip as if you are junior employee. I bet you won't like it very much. Now, consider the following. When your employees are traveling for work, do you take good care of them? Do you create the most beneficial circumstances for them to close that great deal or implement your software in the best possible way? C-level, you have the power, budget, but most of all the responsibility to do something about it.

5 tips for travel managers

  1. Fight for your business travelers’ rights. Keep them out of hotels that serve bad food and help them look for healthy restaurants.

  2. Make sure your travelers don't over-travel. If they do, talk to HR.

  3. Give healthy on-the-road tips on food, sports facilities, run tracks, et cetera.

  4. Stress is the number-one reason why people are unhealthy, so help your employees reduce stress while traveling.

  5. Let your people know that you care for them by sending them flowers.

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