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Is the traveler's well-being on the table?


One of my best friends is opening a new shop that is all about delivering great, healthy food. Its customers will feel more energized and look better. More importantly, they will become more productive. True, it is more expensive than ‘normal’ food. But you know what? It is not. Because if putting in a few bucks extra boosts people’s productivity, I would say it will save you tons in the long run. So in my view, this is a no-brainer.

When you are busy, you eat what you are served, and in my case, that could be anything. That's why I run four times a week – to not ‘split out of my pants’. Needless to say, there’s not a doubt in my mind that Roadmap will be a customer at my friend’s new shop.

Fit-as-a-fiddle travelers: of course you want them

I can almost hear you ask, “How on earth does this relate to me?” After all, you are not responsible for your travelers’ wellbeing. You are not paid to have healthy employees. It is not your task to keep track of how fit they are. Right? Well, I beg to differ. Not because it is in your job description, but because you care. You are a travel manager, and at Roadmap, we know for a fact that travel managers care about their travelers.

So, what can you do to help your travelers be more energized, healthy, and handsome? Well, you start by relieving their stress level. How? Talk to Roadmap’s crew. We can help you. With the Roadmap app, your travelers are always one step ahead. It gives them the right information at the right time within the right context – that of your company program. The result: travelers who save time and worry no more. Now, here’s the best part: with the price of one good Italian espresso (1 euro in Napoli) per trip, your company’s wallet is going to be very happy with Roadmap, too.

One last thing... we work with companies who take really good care of their employees!