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Travel Program Value = (Savings + Safety + Productivity) * Satisfaction


Roadmap: the all-in-one travel app!

Our goals at Roadmap are simple. We want to put travel management on the map to drive commercial value in a way that keeps both travelers and the business happy. Also, we want to make the travel manager’s job fun again!

How do we do that?

We provide finance departments with a tool that helps them get the most value out of procured travel. Hotels, airfare, cars: it is difficult to buy them at the right price, but they are useless if your travelers don't use them. With Roadmap, they will. We help you increase compliance.

We provide travel managers with a tool to engage with all their on-the-road employees. With Roadmap, travel managers can guide, help, and service thousands of people at the same time – all from behind their desks.

Happy travelers = happy travel manager. Right?

We provide business travelers with a travel assistant that takes care of them and nudges them in the right direction, taking the company’s values into account. They have a consumer app which looks damn sexy and helps them grab that great deal their company hired them for.

Can we prove any of this?

Yes, we can. Our data shows that people who use the Roadmap travel app are 20% more compliant. What this means? These travelers spend over 100 dollars less on an average business trip.

And Roadmap only costs you 1 euro per trip, right? Well, in 2018, it sure does…!