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Spring cleaning time: how to achieve your core objectives!


A travel manager’s core objectives

Let’s list the pillars of any travel management program, or the core objectives of a travel manager:

  • Procure all travel in the most economical way;
  • Ensure that all travelers are safe while on the road;
  • Productivity and user experience.

All right. These goals will need some work. Sure, it’s no easy endeavor, and it might be a bit tedious to set your teeth in it – cleaning is never really fun. But creating a solid foundation is very, very necessary. How to go about it?


Solve the latter, fix the first

Let’s zoom in on that third objective for a moment. Traveler happiness is closely linked to productivity. And although it’s the only long-term objective listed, it is the answer to those other two short-term issues – keeping costs low and travelers safe.

The thing is, the procurement era for air and hotel programs has pretty much come to an end. So you’ll need a fresh approach to a challenging paradox: how to build a better traveler experience while lowering the overall travel cost. Easier said than done, you say? Not really. Your one-word solution is right at hand: mobile.


Mobile: the answer to your problems

With mobile, you can build a dialogue with your users as they’re traveling. It’s a time-saving product that allows you to regain grip on more important business decisions, such as:

  • Providing transportation options to save time and money and reduce stress;
  • Showing people what great benefits you have arranged in your hotel procurement program, such as free WIFI, free breakfast, and a fast check in (if something like that actually exists…!);
  • Reducing roaming costs. This is a big one. It’s very easy to make people aware of what things cost at their specific destination. Also, ask them to use WIFI, as its free;
  • Finding a great place for lunch within your traveler’s budget. It’s not that difficult, yet really thoughtful; don’t you think?

In short, mobile is the window to your travelers’ needs and experiences. So open that window and let the light in to foster growth and happiness. The result? Happy travelers and a company – your company – that is moving forward, growing, and beating the competition!