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"Mastering the art:" how to achieve traveler and travel manager happiness


Happiness: everyone is striving for it, both at a personal and a professional level. More often than not, these two are intertwined. A big part of achieving your goals is making others as happy as you're making yourself. Let us explain how you can consciously master the art of happiness in three steps. They'll bring you much closer to your overarching objective: becoming the best travel manager in the world!

1. Bring your full self to work - and home!

Forget about the work/life balance. Integrate these two all-important components and you're on the right track. Why? Because work should be such an important part of your life that you are happy and fulfilled while working the job. At Roadmap, we encourage all our employees to bring their full self to the office. We want people to achieve their potential, both as human beings and as professionals, while having fun. And by the end of the day, we want them to return home with their full self intact. Because they need the energy to give their loved ones the attention they deserve. The result of this philosophy? Happy, well-rounded employees - and therefore, happy, satisfied customers!

2. Become more conscious

All right. So you need to reach your full self. It's crucial to realize that no one but you has the ability to do this. You - and you alone - will need to work at it. How to go about it? Take a step back and reconsider the purpose of your job. Remember that your job doesn't define you; it's the goal you pursue. Consider the impact of your behavior on your work, the lives of your co-workers or employees. Ask yourself what is keeping you or your company from moving forward!

3. Make others happy

Feel like you've been digging deep enough? Have you got the answers you want? Then start making others happy. It's not hard: just show some genuine interest (be sincere!), and you will surprise others as much as yourself. A smile, a thank-you nod, and a kind question can go a long way. Your hard-working employees deserve some courtesy and kindness. Don't you think?

Where to start?

Well, haven't you already? What are you waiting for? Focusing on your own happiness as well as that of others costs nothing and yields so much. Go ahead and give it a try. Dream up ways to make your employees and road warriors, who are working around the clock to make your company successful, truly happy. After a while, they will give you that much-desired 'best travel manager in the world' title. And that, in turn, will make you happy!