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How to become the best travel manager in the world?


Loads of room for improvement if you ask me. So what defines a great travel manager? Being on top of your game 24/7, knowing the travellers needs before they do, partying like it’s 1999 in every lunch break? Wouldn’t that be something. While I’m not a travel manager myself, I do think I can point you in the right direction when it comes to being the best at what you do. Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is James. I’m one of those road warriors whose trips you manage. I’m 29 years old, I’ve finished my studies, seen the world and now I work at a large company (I can’t tell you which one because nobody would ever take me serious again).

Being a so-called ‘millennial’, I live a fast-paced life. Times in which people differentiated working life and private life are over. I live one life in which everything I do reflects who I am. I want to enjoy every single day to the fullest and make a meaningful contribution through my work. I’m always going somewhere, meeting someone, doing something. I strive to leave a positive mark on the places I go and the people I meet.

I travel light, everything I need fits in the overhead department. I care more about experiences and making memories than collecting stuff. I don’t own a car by the way, I sense no freedom in owning one. Whether I’m going partying in Manchester for the weekend, backpacking through South America for a month or attending a conference in Iceland, I want to stay connected and have all information at hand at all times. So, why read about me? As you can see, I like to make the rules up as I go. But I must admit, I often feel overwhelmed by the overload of impulses I’m processing 24/7. I guess I could use a little help here and there...

In the coming blogs I will take you on a journey through what my fellow millennials and I value most when it comes to travelling. What are our challenges? What keeps us busy? Who do we want to be surrounded with? Because getting to know us might just be the most relevant answer to the question of how to become the best travel manager in the world.