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How to create a budget for traveler happiness


A happy traveler can boost sales. As a travel manager, you know that. But how do you convince boardroom naysayers that this is true? Now, don't just head into battle on behalf of your road warriors. There's a better way to solve this issue. Let's talk tactics for a minute. Here's what you need to know! The budget season is about to start again so here are 7 tips how to validate your investments in traveler happiness.

1. Final objective: a happy traveler

Here's an obvious truth: happy, relaxed travelers are more productive. They're better at their jobs and more involved in reaching the company's objectives. So a happy traveler should be your end goal.

2. Start small, think big

For travelers, it's all about the experience. Little things matter, so make them count! Treat your road warriors as if they're your customers. Share what's on offer and explain why the things you're trying to achieve matter. For example, by saving money on the ride to the hotel, there will be a bigger budget for F&B.

3. Invest in relationship therapy

Good relationships are built on trust and transparency. So show your travelers that you care! Explain your travel-related decisions - unpopular ones, too. If you can explain why your road warriors have to fly economy, they'll still want to travel with (and for) you.

4. The name of the game: communication

Get rid of the boring grey suit and develop some creative communication skills. Commitment and involvement are everything. Listen, learn, share, and engage - in that order!

5. Booking is boring!

First things first. In the early stages of the relationship, there's only one thing that matters: getting your travelers on board. How? By showing them a great travel experience. More compliant bookings will follow!

6. Dullness sucks; digital natives rule!

Intranet? Email? It's all so 1999. You are largely dealing with generation Y - or whatever letter of the alphabet you want to assign to them. Here's the thing about your happy-go-lucky millennials: they hop off the proverbial train just as fast they hopped on. You're dealing with travelers who have a 15-second attention span, so you have to make those 15 seconds count. Use smart, thoughtful, and fancy technology. Use mobile.

7. Be conscious. Embrace mobile. Have a 'taste of it'

Your travelers already have smart devices. So introduce a traveler app that generates significant amounts of user data which enables you to build a great traveler-centric user experience - one that harnesses the knowledge, local experiences, and insights of all your frequent travelers. Conscious travel managers are already doing this. A handful are even creating their own company-branded travel app.

So why don't you have a taste of Roadmap's mobile solution? It will put a smile on your travelers' faces for sure. And it may make you smile, too!