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Your thoughtfulness makes others happy


When my seven-year-old son asks me what Roadmap has to offer to the world, I explain that we basically try to act like a friend who helps moms and dads travel the world safely and return home well-rested and on time, so they can spend more time with their families. As long as I can explain to my children (or, in the case of my son, defend) what in the world I am up to when not buying them LEGO, I believe that I am on the right track.
At Roadmap, helping others out is in our nature. We can't help it!

Just to be clear, Roadmap loves roads, but does not support cars. Cars are expensive, polluting, and - nearly always - grey and ugly. So, our entire team travels by train. And where there are trains, there are stories. Let me share one with you.

Recently, our co-worker Vera was waiting for her train at Delft Central Station - which is located right next to Roadmap's HQ - when she saw a small woman carrying two big suitcases and a blender. The woman was visibly nervous, probably worried over the thought of getting on the train swiftly without losing her luggage. Vera approached the woman, saying she would help her carry her stuff inside. The woman, in turn, instantly relaxed, all at once able to enjoy her ride - even more so when Vera also offered to help her get out of the train at Schiphol Airport. And Vera? Well, she felt better as she helped someone out and got to do her daily workout by lifting the - as she found out - VERY heavy suitcase. Let's just hope it did not contain anything that should be left untold (no bodies, please...)!

Imaginations-run-wild pictures aside, this story shows exactly what Roadmap wants to be towards its customers: thoughtful. We help you out!

In the travel industry, we make a difference by helping you, a hard-working travel manager making money for your company, with thoughtful, excellently-thought-out software that helps your road warriors attend meetings well-rested and less stressed. (On a side note: the fact that the day before, we suggested a great restaurant around the corner that completely fitted your travel budget, helped, too.) The point is, they need to feel appreciated when they are out there closing big deals for your company. As the banking industry proved, it is not just about the money.

On behalf of Roadmap, I promise that we will be adding value every single day of the year!