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A better travel experience is key


Roadmap was born almost 2 years ago now. We nourished it, cuddled it, kept it close to us day and night, so it could grow up strong and stubborn. We dare to say, we are a little proud of what we have accomplished with Roadmap in such little time. We sure screwed up a lot too, don't worry. But we parented a product that people can relate to and we managed to actually onboard about a dozen amazing companies. Companies we could only dream of two years ago. Big brands (we used to proudly carry around on our T-shirts) now share our vision and ask Roadmap to help serve their employees-on-the-go in the best possible way.

Why are these companies investing in better travel experiences? What is the return on investment our customers are seeking? To help you comprehend this, I want to tell you about to the new head office of Deloitte (known as "the Edge"). The Edge is the smartest and greenest office in the world, and probably one of the most expensive as well... Technology guides you from the moment you arrive until the time you check out. The Edge uses rain water to flush toilets and the Edge app even knows your eating preferences. Now, there is only one plausible argument for Deloitte going through all this trouble. They strive for employee happiness. The derivative being higher productivity, leading to better results for clients and therefore the entire company. So, if we take care of our beloved colleagues when they are in the office, then we should likewise take care of them when they're out there in the wild, right?

People who are traveling are taken out of their comfort zone. Suddenly practicalities require their precious attention. Companies send out their most brilliant minds to the other side of the world to make smart deals, but half of their brain capacity is consumed by legislation, documentation and transportation. This is where Roadmap steps in. We help travelers with all the idiocy. We unhassle their journey and stay. We serve them in how to get somewhere, where to eat and how to behave in ways that keep them out of local jail. We accompany them in every step of the way, as their pocket size travel manager. So they can fully focus on the dealmaking.

Roadmap created a platform that connects companies to their roadwarriors and help them to become in-the-know, happy and productive. If you want to know more about how we are able to help you, please let us know. We are always in for extensive conversation!