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Spreading Traveler Happiness actually just comes down to common sense


These past two years I have been collecting stories about Roadmap, my family life and the similarities between the two. I found out how shockingly simple work problems become when seen from a parent?s point of view. And the same goes for industry matters. The more complex the issues seem, the more you can rely on the method of staying calm, stepping back for a minute and calling in your good old friend: common sense.

Travel procurement is full of challenges. How can I save money, where on earth are my people and how can I help them stay out of trouble? You want your travelers to be extremely happy, extremely loyal and - hell yes - extremely productive too. It feels just like running a family! You care about them and you want them to take care of things...


The savings in your program are not in air and hotel anymore. We have reached the point where there is no big money to save anymore in cost cutting hotels and flights. The big savings are in trip itself. Taxi's, food and time savings. I even dare to say that looking at the quality of your program and traveler satisfaction is going to save your butt. Ask your travelers what they think of this hotel. Breakfast okay? WIFI? Hygiene? Location? Personally hear them out on their findings and optimize their next travel and stay.


Technology enables you to track and trace your people. But there is also something precious, something called privacy. How to serve them and know for sure they aren't in jail? What would a proper parent do? One thing is certain: your travelers are all carrying out their mobile phones. All day. Our advice is to start taking care of your travelers by sharing relevant information. Offer them value. Stay connected. And maybe they want to tell you where their bed is... Pffff... difficult times.


So much to do in so little time. If you want to help your travelers making the best choices, they will send you flowers. All information is at hand. Just find it and share it! When they take the subway instead of a smelly taxi in London or New York. The experience is better and they will probably arrive in time. It will save the company money as well... Last week I walked 5 km in New York to a meeting. It was fast, fun and good for my daily exercise (and handsome husband's superbody). That's why it is called win win.


We are all looking for the best work life balance. 60% of our traveling time is during private time so traveling for work has an impact on this. Big time. It is time to add traveler satisfaction to your program. Sell it to your boss. Your travelers deserve it.

In my upcoming blogs I will talk about the 4 main challenges of the industry: savings, safety, productivity and traveler satisfaction. At Roadmap we are committed to help you out on all 4 of them. Not by selling you complexity. We deliver simple solutions based on traveler data and common sense. Oh and we use technology because we live in the best time ever! Our children don't even have to get a drivers license because of Elon! Talking about saving, safety, productivity and satisfaction.