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Destination: innovation


I love Tesla. It allows us to get from A to B in a faster, cheaper, safer, and more productive way without hurting our beloved planet Earth. We can do this thanks to technology. And people like Elon Musk. And people who buy this promise. They're all interdependent.

The new Tesla is far from perfect, but it's still sold out. Apparently, people have faith in innovation. They are willing to become pioneers, like Musk. I know I am. I consider myself to be a mini-Musk.

In the field of business travel, we also aim for a faster, cheaper, safer, and more productive way to travel. But in my humble opinion, we are not yet blessed with a mind-blowing range of technology that will take travel to the next level. At Roadmap, we are fully committed to getting there - and fortunately, we are lucky to have customers that support our vision and beliefs. Travel managers invest in new technologies that change travel experiences, achieving that much sought-after goal of making travel faster, cheaper, safer, and more productive - and probably cleaner as well.

So, where to start? Well, first, get to know your travelers, their behavior, and their preferences. Hear them out and help them out. It will drive cost down and create traveler satisfaction at the same time. Awesome, right?

Take me, for instance (my favorite example: me!). I am not the biggest guy, I want to fly as cheaply as possible, I am a morning person, I love to jog, and I am a fool for having the local experience. Now, I remember staying in a Milan-based hotel which was part of a big chain. It looked like any other hotel; there were no hints of the famous art, design, and fashion that make Milan unique. For breakfast, we got French croissants. And to make things worse, the hotel was not anywhere near my meeting, so I had to take a taxi and skip my morning run. The result: no traveler satisfaction and no savings.

There is so much room for improvement here. If you want to save money and create a better travel experience, you need to know everything about the trip and traveler before you book - starting with the locations to be visited during the stay.

Because 50% of your business trips are taken to 10% of your destinations, we decided to create 'top destinations.' When traveling to one of these, you will get a full overview of everything you need to make your trip a success. The information is up to date because of the great feedback provided by your travelers. Saving hundreds of euros per trip is a breeze, and your travelers will have the best time!

We believe we can help big corporates with large travel programs and major challenges. We can assist your company in saving money, increasing traveler satisfaction at the same time. Want to know how we do it? Please contact my co-Musk-eteer Koen Bavinck. He is the best. Or at least, he's the tallest.

Markus ('Muskus' for friends) Emmer