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Travel management is all about human capital


This week, I visited my favorite restaurant in Amsterdam once again. Their menu is so great that I can't stop fantasizing about the delicious flavors when I haven't tasted them for a while. But this particular evening differed from all my previous visits. Everything went terribly wrong. The place was a mess. It was fully packed with hungry fools like myself. We waited forever, only to get food that we did not order. Apparently, all orders got messed up and nobody was served what they had picked from the menu. After a while, major flames came out of the kitchen. It was total chaos. And you know what? Everyone loved it. Because the awesome waiters ensured that we had a spectacular time. We were all experiencing it together. The restaurant was like a theater, and we played a part in its hysteria-filled play. It became a night to remember. I learned that it was not about the food. It was all about the people.

Travel management is like running a restaurant. You never know how many guests there will be, what orders you are going to take from them, and how demanding they will be. What you do know is that your guests will likely be picky and expect everything to go like clockwork. They invest a considerable amount of time and money, leave their comfort zone, and hand you the controller, so you better make it all worthwhile and unforgettable. Sounds like a mission impossible, doesn't it?

But it isn't. Helping people who get in trouble in another country, another time zone, and another culture is only impossible if you don't have a plan. You just have to be in control. Also, be nice - even if flames start rising from the cockpit. Especially then.

So, how do you maintain control? Well, send your people on down the road with a proper tool, so they know what to do should they face any danger. Use Roadmap, and we will help you help your co-workers. All you need to do is reach out to them and be approachable. Ask if they are okay and if they require any help. This may seem difficult at first, but it is not. Just equip your road warriors, stay connected, and be prepared!

Because here's the thing: the world has changed. In the nineties, we mapped out all the danger zones and prepared solo business travelers carefully before departure. Now, danger can be anywhere, anytime. Preparation is still key, but it relies heavily on the way in which we deal with unforeseen chaos and 'instant flames.' It represents an ever-sharp, ever-calm state of mind. You need to understand yourself and keep an eye on each other. We recommend that your HR department adopts this state of mind, too. Work together. And you know where to find us. Roadmap can connect you with the traveler, create a better travel experience in an engaging way, and assist if something unfortunate or unexpected occurs. Because we know that travel management is people management.