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Want flowers? Roadmap will get you some!


On July 15, we will attend the GBTA global conference for the third time. To us, this is the most awesome business travel conference of the year, and it is our chance to break away from our hectic daily lives and hang out with you until we are properly hungover (that is, from cranberry juice and ginger tea). And yes - we are very proud to present the best mobile 'business traveler assistant' in the market. Also, this year, we have the customer data to back this statement up.

Prepare for flowers (plus, a listening ear and hugs)

You have been fully dedicated to setting up your travel program. Why? Because you truly want to take care of your travelers. You understand that they need to get from A to B in the safest, fastest, and most productive way possible.

Travel managers like you can use Roadmap to help and assist travelers on the go. Be the angel in their pocket. You will be there when they are in trouble, but you are also present in the other 99% of the cases when they are simply seeking guidance and confirmation. Now, this will make travelers send you well-meant flowers. And if they don't - well, we will!

This year, our main message is: it is all about you. So we will make you shine by making fools of ourselves at the GBTA - again. Here's what we promise you: funny suits, free beers, and a serious attempt to make it to the dance floor at parties. We will let you out-cool us in every conceivable way. But most of all, we want to talk to you and listen to the challenges you are facing. Maybe we can help. And we can certainly give you a good old hug. So be sure to stop by at booth 600. Flowers guaranteed!

Jeroen van Velzen
Koen Bavinck
Markus Emmer

PS, if you would like to see Jeroen sober for a change, join the Tech Trends session on Tuesday at 9:30 A.M.