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What on earth are we doing?


Recently, increasingly more people have been asking me questions like, "What is this Roadmap thing exactly?" And, "I like your stories, but what on earth are you people doing (besides posting your reflections on contemporary culture and life as we know it)?" Maybe we have been oversharing our WHY. So, we feel that it is time to let you in on our WHAT and HOW again.

How it all started

Roadmap was founded by a group of crazy Dutch people on a mission. Aiming to create true happiness for business travelers, we successfully entered an industry that was, in our opinion, underdeveloped (we live in the information era, not in the stone age!). The only way was up. Therefore, we started to deliver consumer technology to business travelers - and our customers are incredibly happy that we did. (By the way, so are we: we enjoy every single step of the way!)

So, what is Roadmap?

Briefly put, we enable companies to provide their road warriors with information that makes their trips safer, less expensive, and more productive - which, in turn, causes a rise in the satisfaction rate. Because traveling for work is work, and it should be fully arranged.

Roadmap is a mobile app (ta-da!) that provides you with and notifies you of critical information while traveling for business. Is your flight on time? When and where do you need to check in? How can you get to your hotel when you arrive: should you book a taxi or take public transportation? We combine your travel program and the country that you've been sent to by your superiors to give you proper advice. If you are in trouble, the app provides assistance and gets you the help you need. Incidentally, it also knows all your crazy cravings - from inside-out makis to enchiladas - as it is able to learn from your previous trips.

Moreover, from the very start, we ensured that Roadmap was completely branded towards the company you work for. Taking care of travelers is highly personal - it is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. So, it is your company that takes care of you, and not some generic app created for everyone. Roadmap is supplier independent, meaning we can connect to all the suppliers a company works with. Got a special deal with a taxi company in India? We'll put it in the app for you. The same goes for particular hotels, restaurants, and services such as Lyft or Uber. Want to change your OBT? We'll make sure it happens by customizing the app. Not only do we guide you to all restaurants worldwide, we also inform travelers if a nice-looking place to eat is within the company's budget.

Cool, isn't it? (Take it from a nerd!)

Ready to hit the road with Roadmap?

In short, we are Roadmap, 'the all-in-one travel app for business travelers.' We take pride in the fact that as many as 10 Fortune-500 companies are among our customers. We hope that like them, you aim to create a traveler-centric program - and if so, we are very much willing to help you out. We might also have some suggestions on how to persuade the other stakeholders in your company to invest in it. Let's hit the road together!