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Wow... Roadmap is a customer story now!


A few days ago, we got a great surprise from our customer and friend Microsoft: it published a customer story about its partnership with us, Roadmap. So cool.

It all comes down to this: per trip, Microsoft wants to give back 2 hours to its travelers. To achieve this goal, the company has decided to team up with Roadmap. How about that?

The priceless gift of time

One of Simon Sinek's speeches (he is my hero) is called 'Why leaders eat last.' It is a must-see piece if you want to learn about leadership as well as how leaders help others be great. One of the things Sinek says is that time has much more value than money. Giving people your time or 'returning' their time to them is very important, because time is scarce and it is not for sale. You can use it only once before it passes. I believe the Microsoft team has proven that it truly cares about its travelers by giving back something truly meaningful: TIME!!!

We are often asked to explain the ROI of using Roadmap. So, here it goes. Suppose we reach our goal of saving 2 hours per trip. In that case, the ROI will be at least 200 euros on a 1-euro investment. I know people who have made less from their investments in bitcoins. But let's not try to put a price tag on time.

Partnership in its true sense

What is truly amazing about our partnership with Microsoft is that the company's team is open to working together. It's a shame that the term 'partnership' gets abused so often in marketing as we experience it while working together day after day. Perhaps it is because we both believe and see the immense opportunity unfolding in front of us. This releases the passion, grit, brilliant insights, and room for failure required to succeed.

Thank you, Microsoft team, for your trust in Roadmap. We love every minute of working with you.

Read the full customer story here.