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Roadmap is the real thing


Recently, I watched a great video, and I highly recommend you watch it, too. It is about a young guy who started his career writing fake reviews for restaurants (this was a real job). One day, he thought: What if I created a fake restaurant and hyped it by writing fake reviews? His (mind you, fake) restaurant ranked number one on TripAdvisor, shrugging off 18,000 other (real) restaurants in London. The video shows us how influential today’s technology (and a good sense of humor) can be. An absolute must-see.


On-the-go consumer apps: strengths and weaknesses


What this has to do with business travel, you ask? Well, all your travelers can download fantastic on-the-go consumer apps. Booking.com, TripAdvisor, Kayak, Tripit, Uber, Lift, and - my personal favorite - Google Maps: every single one of these consumer apps works great, even if they occasionally offer you the opportunity to dine at a marvelous yet non-existent place ;-) Each of these companies’ business models centers around advertisement, upsells and/or access to your personal data. Remember: if you don’t have to pay for data, you are the data!


Now, I have used each of these apps, and I love them all. They serve as an inspiration to Roadmap, because they help improve people’s travel experiences.  But at the same time, they lack value and relevance. After all, you want business travelers to benefit from your company deals during their trip and stay. Moreover, they should be able to rely on peer advice as well as the experiences of their most trusted colleagues. And as great as consumer apps may be, they simply don’t offer such much-needed elements.


Roadmap: merging the benefits


What if you could have the best of both worlds? What if your travelers could get all the benefits offered by consumer apps from the most trusted sources around - you and their fellow travelers? It would make them feel that someone at the headquarters really cares and has their back (which you do!). Now that's Roadmap. It is built for companies with comprehensive traveler-centric travel programs, but it offers the user experience and interface associated with outstanding consumer apps (simply put, it looks so damn sexy you’ll want to have it).


Our philosophy? We want you to own the interface and dialogue with your travelers, so they will readily provide you with the data and insights required to create better travel programs.


Want a demo? Please don’t hesitate to contact Roadmap. We will help you be the world’s best and most wanted travel manager. Really. Because Roadmap is the real thing!


Markus Emmer