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The tide is turning in a brave new world of managed travel


‘Sexy’ is perhaps not a word one would ordinarily attach to a business travel app. But I’m delighted to report that the work our team has put into our Roadmap app had the proverbial red lights flashing last week at the Business Travel News Innovate conference in New York. We brought a flavor of Amsterdam to the Big Apple!

Not only did we scoop the BTN 2015 Innovator Award from 11 other competitors with the jury vote (an esteemed panel from TripBAM, Microsoft, Oracle and Phocuswright), in a welcome vote of confidence from attendees, Roadmap was also named the People’s Choice.

As I said after receiving the awards, this double vote of confidence is not just for our talented team, but marks a turning point for business travelers everywhere!

Ok, enough trumpet blowing!

Juggling in an iron man suit

As travel managers, your job is a juggle in an iron man suit to keep all arms of the business (HR, IT and procurement) happy. At the same time, you’re also managing budget constraints and traveler complaints, while the big issue of information security also darkens your door.

But your job is an exciting one too! And at Roadmap, we empathize with your challenges, which is why we’ve been working so hard to create a one-stop app that addresses these multiple challenges.

Our aim is quite simple: to continue on our mission to create magic for business travelers, make travel managers’ jobs easier, sexier and less time consuming while simultaneously boosting revenues.

Phew! A big ask?

Well, nobody said that was going to be easy but things are definitely moving in the right direction. Already many boxes have been ticked; we’re seeing the end of the air procurement cycle – travel managers know how to manage duty of care and have at least got the ball rolling with rising adoption of online booking tools.

A shift in gear

Now the industry is shifting up a gear – hurrah! – by going beyond the booking, to look more holistically at the broader travel experience.

We cannot stress enough how important this is. As I said in my last blog, being obsessively focused on the booking is so dated. Because only once the booking is made your business travelers are out on the road generating revenues.

This post-booking period is when you can really start to make magic for your business travelers so that they can get on with their job of being productive and creating value.

Forget managing itineraries! Your challenge is to guide, inspire and support travelers from door-to-door and from meeting-to-meeting. It’s about working the relationship between you and the traveler: not the travel management, not the OBT, not the supplier.

It makes perfect sense. Surely it’s better for you to build a trusted relationship with your most valued employees by showing them you care, than outsourcing their experience (and your data!) to a third party.

It’s really not difficult and we have the solution to put you and your traveler under the umbrella of your corporate brand – the brand your employees know and trust right?

The industry has spoken. Roadmap is the way forward.