The story of Nike

Nike believes that “if you have a body, you are an athlete”, our employees all benefit from extensive, world-class sports facilities including: gymnasiums with regular classes, football pitches, tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, running tracks and on-site physiotherapists. Employees also benefit from amenities such as an employee store and numerous catering facilities.


Serving nike travelers through mobile technology.

Encourage travelers to ‘do the right thing, connect, engage, create impact and show presence.

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To simplify the experience and navigate nike and the globe while on the road.

Guides users through pre-trip/during trip/post trip stages with nike specific information and preference. A powerful communication channel to engage up to 30,000+. Providing data driven insights into behaviors to further enhance the experience.

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A global digital traveler tool – connected to the nike brand.

Provides instant consumer feedback on all travel services, inc.: air, hotels, restaurants, transportation + experiences. All Nike office locations listed in the app to help navigate between locations. The app complements CBRE 360 app for employees navigating within our locations. Integration available.

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One easy-to-access place, literally at employee’s fingertips on smartphones, desktop and tablets.

Flight details, airport navigation tips, the most up-to-date and informative set of notes on travel to and from accommodation, all the way to the right way to expense your food and subsistence while flying the company flag.

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“Roadmap delivers a full “Nike” brand experience to our business travellers during global travel”.

Ruben Godvree – Travel Manager – Nike Asia Pacific

Collaborate & Co-create

Working with the coolest brands and leading companies in the world everything needs to be to nudge. Employees of Nike expect the best travel app and nothing less. In order to live up to the expectation we ask our customers to work with us very closely. We collaborate with our customers to create the “all in one travel platform” that fits the needs of our customers.

In the Nike case we have worked closely with the Nike design team and we are very proud of the result! Now Nike employees are traveling, supported and guided by their own Nike branded travel app.

Benefits Company

The net result is also helpful to Nike corporate – in the shape of cost reduction via simplified processes, and minimizing manual steps in completing a business trip now. It’s all about helping the Nike family by making it easier for them at every step.

Add value

Benefits Employees

Being able to ditch the need to print off easily-lost paper records of flight numbers to having help on hand to alert you to delays or issues, as well as great in-pocket guidance on what this next journey is meant to accomplish to a more personalized ‘Nike” look and feel travel companion, time is being saved and convenience increased from the second a staffer leaves their home to get to their destination.

Get in control

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Travel management has to deliver true commercial value. As a ‘family’ of passionate, tech savvy people with commercial nous and travel industry expertise. we’d love to join you on that journey. We are happy to show you how to drive a more compliant and less cost and time consuming travel program!

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