• Roadmap delivers an intelligent, intuitive and personal interface to the world’s largest travel programs.
  • Roadmap combines all traveler needs into one intelligent corporate branded app.
  • We deliver full insight in traveler behavior, data and perceived quality of the suppliers provided.
  • We help drive savings and safety for the corporate and increase productivity and satisfaction with the travelers.
  • Our ultimate goal is to create a better travel experience for travelers while adhering to company policies.
Why we do what we do

Our mission is to create traveler happiness

Roadmap reverse engineered the entire experience from a frequent traveler perspective. Creating a supplier agnostic, consumerised business travel experience. A platform that has the ability to guide, influence, connect and inspire your corporate travelers.

Roadmap delivers the interface to your travelers to guide and assist and the behavioral data to constantly improve your program

We’ve founded roadmap to create:

Traveler Happiness

Top of the list themes our clients have incorporated.

One App Productivity

A corporate branded app that acts as a Swiss army knife.

Adoption & Engagement

Enable you to track how your travel tools are being used and leverage these insights to your employees benefit.


With the travel arrangements you negotiated with your suppliers, you are able to steer your travelers in the right (travel program) direction.

Safety & Security

With all the incidents over the last year, you can proactively take care of your travelers and if in actual need be there for them.

Employee collaboration

Getting instant feedback from your road warriors to optimize your travel program and potentially even experience serendipity.


Guide your employees anywhere within the context of their trip. Fueled with knowledge of the community, we get them safely and efficiently to their next destination.


Provide your employees abroad with the knowledge of a local and introduce them to amazing places to work, meet and eat.


Two-way communication between travelers, within the context of their business trip, creates an opportunity to have meaningful dialogue.

Roadmap connects with...

We’re the Switzerland of business travel.

We connect all your current suppliers into one seamless end user experience with one single purpose for the traveler: do not make me think.

Roll out a new booking tool? Switch expense provider? Change TMC's?
Blink twice. Done.

Own the interface.
Control the message.
Own the data.

Only with Roadmap

Roadmap raises 4 mio to disrupt enterprise travel

Roadmap, the all-in-one mobile travel platform for large enterprises, has raised a Series A round of 4 million Euro. The round was led by Newion Investments and the Roadmap founders. Newion Investments focuses on B2B enterprise software companies with a global reach in early stage and is well known for its successful investment in Colibra and other leading B2B companies in its previous funds.

Jeroen van Velzen, CEO of Roadmap, is very proud of the accomplishments of the team: "The annual aggregated travel spend of the customers on the platform exceeds 3 billion USD and the adoption and engagement numbers of the app are twice the industry average."

Roadmap will use the proceeds of the funding to further develop the seamless travel experience, grow marketing and sales.

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Roadmap in the media:

Awesome Team

We are Roadmap

To deliver the best travel experience you’ve ever seen –
We listen to you, your organization and your travelers. Our daily dedication focuses on merging user experience design with travel technology.
Creating travel programs so good; you’d be an idiot not to use them.

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